Video Conferencing

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The emergence of hybrid work, and as a result the rapidly expanding distributed workforce, needs best-in-class communications that takes employees as close as possible to in-person interactions. Team chat, video, and content collaboration have become pivotal to the new ways of working.

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Intelligent Meeting Room Solutions

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Yesterday’s video conferencing forced businesses to choose either a multi-component, modular approach that is not truly scalable or invest in complex and proprietary endpoints that are rigid and expensive. Businesses that are extending video across an array of meeting spaces need a fresh look at modern devices that are not only equipped with today’s advanced technologies, but are also designed to meet a fast expanding set of needs.

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Rise of the All-in-One Video Conferencing Bar

For a long-term viable approach that is focused on greater ease of buying, installing, using, and managing multiple rooms and sites, IT is increasingly tapping into the next generation all-in-one video conferencing bars that integrate all the required hardware and software into a single form factor. True all-in-one design combines the camera, built-in software, speakers, and microphones into a turnkey device.

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