Universal Remote

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Traditional universal remotes are designed to replace all others into just one that operates many of the audio/video devices you have in your media cabinet. Once you’ve lived with one, you know how convenient it is to get rid of the clutter and control all of your entertainment with one simple device.

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Plays Nicely

With Your Devices

With Favorites, you can truly personalize your smart home experience. Simply press and hold your most frequently used devices and media to add them to the main “room view.” Anything across your entire home can be favorited, giving you quick access by putting them front and center on your phone, touchscreen, or remote. It’s easy to add, arrange, remove, and favorite your most used devices, streaming services, and scenes.

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Movie Time

With the tap of a button, set the perfect movie-watching environment in your home theater. The surround sound activates, the sconces and pathway lights illuminate gradually while the overhead lights dim, and the movie begins to play on the big screen.

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Date Night

No need to go to the movies; grab the popcorn and enjoy an effortless night in. Turn off the lights, lower the shades, and get the series started quickly. When you’re ready for a drink or a restroom trip, press “pause” on the same remote and the lights will come back up to lead the way. Make the experience even better by adding a soundbar that will give you superior sound, even while binging in the bedroom.

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