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Intentional Planning

for Success

When you partner with SWITCH on your project, we’ll take the time to fully understand your needs and goals. Then, we’ll create a custom plan to meet both your immediate needs and any possible future needs. Whether you need cabling for a small office or a large corporate building, SWITCH has the expertise to handle the job with excellence

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More Than Just Efficiency

When it comes to proper cabling, there’s more to consider than quick network speeds (as important as those are). You also want to leave the network space looking neat and de-cluttered, without any exposed cables. When your network rack is full of tangled cables, you can be at risk for a multitude of problems, like overheating, poor airflow, subpar hardware management, compromised network performance, and even a possible fire hazard.

If you already have your cables in place but you’re not sure if they are set up properly, give us a call—we can clean things up for you.

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